Welcome, my name is Michael and I’m a freelance designer in Upstate New York, specializing in Book & Catalog Layout, Retro Design, 3D Design and Motion Graphics.

One of my favorite types of design is book and catalog layout. I am looking for more work in this field, click here to see if I’m the right fit for your layout project!


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Bringing something to life from a digital 3D model to a 3D print or even a metal casting from a 3D print is an amazing process to me. Click here to view some of my 3D work.

Graphic Design & Retro Graphic Restoration

From a young age, I took a liking to retro and vintage graphics. I spent most of my youth restoring old graphics for coin operated machines. Have a graphic project you need done? Click here to check out my graphic design work and see if we are a fit!

I love cohesive storytelling through branding. Do you have a brand that needs a push in the right direction? Take a look at my branding experience and let me know if I can help your brand succeed.