Authorship & Book Layout

The Wurlitzer Model 1015 – Published 2016

Out of the 3 books I have written, this is the one I am most proud of because of everything that went into it. The Wurlitzer 1015 is the most iconic jukebox ever made. Typically I can ask anyone, imagine a jukebox in your head, I show them a photo of the 1015 and they say thats what they were thinking of. This book covers the story of how this machine, designed by Paul Fuller in 1944, rose to become a pop culture icon. 190 pages about one jukebox, explaining the history surrounding the machine, outside factors influencing the design and mechanics, detailed records of the 70 year history of this jukebox. The book even has a flip book animation on the page edges of the bubble tubes that the 1015 is so famous for.

Painters of the Peculiar – Published 2018

Growing up around antique amusements, I grew an affinity for antique sideshow banners from the carnival midway. During my time at SCAD, I studied these banners insistently learning all that I could about them and the artists who painted them. One of these artists, Johnny Meah became a close friend during this time, to which I proposed that we write a book together on the subject. Working with Johnny was extraordinary and very fulfilling.

The goal of this book was to create a document so that anyone new to the hobby could read this book and be able to identify any sideshow banner artist’s work with a significant body of work. Achieving that goal, Painters of the Peculiar is a highly regarded resource to collectors, dealers and historians of sideshow and carnival history.

No Tampering! – Published 2014

My first book was a record document that served to keep track of all of the re-creation penny arcade machines made by National Jukebox Exchange, under the direction of my father, John Papa. Beyond this purpose, the book explored the history of each machine covered in the book and why the theme of each machine was popular at the time.