About Me

Michael Papa is an accomplished and forward-thinking designer with a passion for innovation and a keen eye for both creative design and strategic business development. With extensive expertise in product design, marketing, and multimedia, Michael has established a robust track record of success across various ventures.

As the Product Designer and Marketing Manager at Gloves International Inc., Michael not only revolutionized the product development process, increasing its speed by 150%, but also significantly expanded the company’s brand offering, introducing over 200 new glove styles. His proficiency extends to utilizing tools like SAP Business One ERP System and Shopify to streamline operations and enhance brand visibility across web stores and social media platforms.

Driven by a commitment to empower aspiring artists and designers, Michael founded Critiquer.com, an online critique platform aimed at nurturing creative talent. Despite its initial traction challenges, Michael’s vision for Critiquer.com remains firm as a toolkit for young designers seeking to elevate their craft.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Michael’s dedication to preserving art and history is evident through the Sideshow Banner Exchange, where he leverages expertise in antique circus sideshow banners to educate, appraise, and facilitate their acquisition for enthusiasts.

His tenure as Director of Multimedia at National Jukebox Exchange showcased his multidisciplinary skill set, spanning book authorship, web design, graphic reproduction, and strategic branding, contributing to increased brand recognition and operational efficiency.

Equipped with an MBA in Business with a focus on Entrepreneurship and complemented by a B.F.A. in Motion Media Design, Michael blends artistic vision with business acumen seamlessly. His diverse skill set encompasses product development, graphic design, software proficiency (Adobe Suite, WordPress), video production, and a mastery of various design and 3D modeling software.

Michael’s dedication to his craft extends beyond professional achievements, as demonstrated by his exemplary projects such as re-creating historical arcade machines and crafting original creations like the Moon Shot! Finger Striker.

Driven by a passion for design, entrepreneurship, and fostering creative communities, Michael Papa stands as an exemplary figure in the realms of design innovation, business strategy, and creative empowerment.

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